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 Explanation of the Rules: Language

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ParrotGirl (Admin)
ParrotGirl (Admin)

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Explanation of the Rules: Language Empty
PostSubject: Explanation of the Rules: Language   Explanation of the Rules: Language Icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2012 8:37 pm

What is considered acceptable language on this forum?

This forum will remain a G rated site, so what does that mean you ask, that means that we will be using FCC based regulations to determine if a word in acceptable or not. So if the word isn't allowed in G rated media, then its not allowed here.

Will I be punished for using unacceptable language?

If you honestly didn't know that it was unacceptable, then no, however if admin believes that you violated the rules knowingly and deliberately then yes.

What do I do if I'm unsure if a word is acceptable or not?

If you are unsure about a word then feel free to contact admin and ask.
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Explanation of the Rules: Language
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