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 Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior!!!

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ParrotGirl (Admin)
ParrotGirl (Admin)

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Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior!!! Empty
PostSubject: Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior!!!   Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior!!! Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2012 7:59 pm

Please keep in mind while it is good to share experiences with one another since it is an excellent way to learn and educate it is also a good idea to be careful and watch what you say on forums. You are responsible for what you post.

The primary goal of this website is to educate people on the safety, care and well being of their birds, so let’s keep ParrotGirl's Bird World a friendly and bird loving environment.

Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior:

For the safety of our members, especially the younger members, the following are not permitted and the moderation team reserves the right to remove any offensive or possibly offensive language, photo’s or materials, including but not limited to profanity or offensive language, materials that promote or depict violence or that depict items of a sexual nature or any and all material, photo’s or language that promote hate, hate crimes, racism or any material that may be considered demeaning to a certain ethnicity or gender. We also reserve the right to ban any user posting such materials.

Please be respectful of the beliefs and opinions of others, no harassing, bulling, cyber bulling, stalking, cyber stalking, or name calling of any kind will be permitted and any user suspected of engaging in such acts will be banned and in some cases will be reported to not only the ISP provider but will also be reported to the proper authorities for further investigation. Only polite, respectful and constructive criticism will be allowed. If you witness or are the victim of any of these please contact Admin immediately.

Discussions about Religion, Politics, or Ethnicity are not permitted. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and ideas and we are not here to debate these issues. Religious, political, or ethic jokes are also not permitted.

No discussion or promotion of illegal activities.

This is a pet loving community and as such we will not allow the promotion of non pet ownership campaigns.

The moderation team reserves the right to close any thread that becomes disruptive to the forum.

Spam, trolls & flames:

No Spamming, trolling or flaming of any kind. Bashing or calling out of any member person, product or service is also prohibited. Please keep feedback regarding products, services, breeders, and such, limited to facts and based on personal experience.

Privacy Policies:

Please remember that this is a public forum and anyone and everyone on the internet can see everything you post.

Members over the age of 18 are permitted to post things such as email address, address or phone number as long as they are your own, however we highly discourage any posts containing this information and cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred. We recommend keeping all personal information contained within the private messaging system.

Members under 18 (minors) are not permitted to reveal there last names, address, email or phone. Please keep your information limited to your first name and state or country only and seek parental consent before joining. No member under the age of 13 will be allowed without parental consent.

Advertising, donations or fundraisers:

While we allow members to discuss and include links in there signatures, we do not support or endorse any business or website and recommend that you use caution. We also ask that only regular good standing members post links to outside sites and business. Donation requests or fundraisers will not be permitted on this forum.


Signatures may contain links to your personal websites and businesses so long as it is a family-friendly website that is appropriate for minors.

Classifieds and ads:

Links are permitted to classifieds and ads only if your or another member is or might be interested in a particular bird or is seeking information on caring for that bird. We do not allow the posting of links for the purpose of showing animals in bad situations or to criticize others.

Photo’s of unsafe situations:

The purpose of this site is to inform and educate people on the care of birds. However everyone is entitled to there own opinions and beliefs which may bring up discussions which include photo’s of birds outside without a carrier, harness, or restraint. We here at ParrotGirl's Bird World do not recommend such activities. Taking your bird outside without a flight suit or without a cage can place them at great risk. Even birds whose wings are clipped or have never flown before can still fly away or into danger and we assume no responsibility or liability if you choose to do so. Pictures of birds with other animals that may pose a risk to their safety, such a cats, dogs, ect will not be permitted.


We will allow links and the sharing of information of other forums so long as the member posting is a participating member in good standing and the post is not being used for recruiting purposes this include posts or using the private mail system to advertise or request they join. The moderation team reserves the right to remove any link at our discretion without notice. We encourage members to seek information and knowledge from all available sources.

The moderation team reserves the right to move, edit, or delete any thread, post picture or account. We also reserve the right to issues a warning or infraction for the violation of any of these rules. If you have questions about decisions that were made please use the private mail (PM) system to contact Admin. Posts or threads about forum moderation will not be left on the main board. The decisions made in regards to this forum are based on many factors.
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Basic Etiquette and rules of acceptable behavior!!!
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